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After so long without seeing or hugging each other, we’d like to send some affection to those who have had to change their daily lives the most.
They are people who live in care homes, receive support from social organisation and we’d like to keep them company in a special way.

Write a letter to one of the people who needs some company and send it via UIC Barcelona. We’ll be your allies and we’ll help you to fulfil your mission at all times.

Accept your Mission &Co.:

  1. 1 Sign up via the form below.
  2. 2 Check your emails because we’ll let you know who you will be &Co. to, we’ll give you some information about their life and how to send them a letter.
  3. 3 Write a letter for the person you will be keeping company and send it via the website or hand it in to Student Services at UIC Barcelona.

You can send the person as many messages as you like, for as long as you like and in the format you prefer: something written, a drawing, a photo, a poem...You decide how to send them affection and keep them company. You are their &Co.

Take part in Misson &Co.

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